What makes ceramics unique?

Wear Resistant

Ceramics have a high wear resistance and are permanently durable because of its hardness


Ceramics can be inserted into the human body without provoking immune reaction


Ceramics have high thermal and electric insulation ability

CERIX Case Study

Case Study

The best grinders
for the best taste

Modern fully automatic coffee machines use grinders made ​​of ceramics which are characterized by their high wear resistance, their food safety and their high durability. Your coffee tastes as good as the first one even after many years.

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Process Chain

From the first idea to series production

We accompany you along the entire process chain. From your initial idea to series production and we advise you along the way.



We accompany you from product development through simulations or prototypes and advise you one the feasibility of complex products.


Tool Engineering

Our tools are manufactured by our internally tooling which enables us to ensure the highest quality and precision.


CIM Process

The Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) process allows to produce complex parts in large quantities with highest precision.


Product Finishing

As a Full Service Supplier, hard machining, coating and assembly is part of our service package. Our quality standards are based on the high standards of the automotive industry.


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