Laser Processing

Detailed Structuring for High-Precision Components

Laser processing of Technical Ceramics includes a multitude of high-precision processes, including imaging the detailed geometries in the material. CERIX offers the creation of intricate structures, precise lettering as well as targeted processing of surfaces in the micrometer range with special laser technology.

Lasers as an Alternative to Hard Machining

Technical Ceramics are materials characterized among other things by their outstanding hardness. However, this very property can cause problems in the finishing process: the tools required are expensive and the process times long, which increases the costs for post-processing and finishing. Laser processing allows machining without tools and is therefore wear-free. In addition, completely new machining possibilities are opened up: cracks and other damage are thus avoided, and the quality and mechanical properties of the component are not disturbed by the lasers.

CERIX Portfolio of Laser Processing

Laser-Generated Surface Skimming

Selective laser-generated surface skimming is able to remove extremely thin layers of the ceramic to realize for example 3D cavities. The highly precise application of energy enables the production of the most intricate structures.

Laser-Drilling and Laser-Cutting

Lasers can also operate as cutting devices. Laser drilling enables high precision drilling of extremely small diameters (40 micrometers and more), for examples for coolant bores or venting.

Laser Structuring

Structuring means imaging regularily arranged geometries in the surface in order to deliberately modify the technical properties. The structuring process is in the range of micrometers and allows for fine adjusting the component functionality.

Laser Microstructuring

When processing functional surfaces, components can be specifically roughened in order to enhance their adhesive properties for lubrication films or their tribological characteristics. This is typically used for the production of air bearing and friction bearing shafts.

Laser Engraving

Letters and markings can be permanently applied on the ceramic parts via laser labeling. Part numbers and identification marks facilitate the traceability of the component.


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