High mechanical strength especially against pressure


The CIM process guarantees a maximum tolerance of +/- 0.5% of the nominal size

Wear Resistance

Ceramics have high wear resistance and are permanently durable because of their hardness

Wide range of application

Advancement through ceramics

Temperature resistant

Ceramics keep all their properties up to more than 1000 ° C. This is why they are suitable in the automotive sector, especially for applications close to the combustion chamber. Ceramics open up completely new possibilities when working at high temperatures, with high pressure or with corrosive substances.


The performance requirements of modern components have been increasing over the last years so that conventional metals or plastics often reach their technical limits. With the inherent properties of ceramic it is possible to enhance the endurance considerably

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In Comparison

The clincher of ceramics - high temperatures

Comparing thermal expansion and maximum application temperature of ceramics with other materials, the great potential of ceramic for applications in the automotive industry becomes obvious! For example, applications in sensors, such as bearings in high temperature areas or in the exhaust gas system are possible.


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