Wear Resistance

Ceramics have high wear resistance and are permanently durable because of its hardness

Food Safety

Excellent applicability in the food industry


High mechanical strength especially against pressure

Product features

Hard components don´t
have to be brittle.

Indestructible in continuous operation

Modern versions of fully automatic coffee machines are equipped with ceramic grinding discs from Bosch more and more. You can benefit from this competence also for other materials to be ground e.g. spices or nuts.

Functional and economical

In addition to the extreme sharpness, ceramic offers excellent usability in the food industry. Especially with CIM technology, a complex component such as the ceramic grinding disc can be produced economically.

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In Comparison

Sharp edges even after 15 years!

Comparing ceramic grinders with metal grinders, ceramics have an extremely high abrasion resistance. This prevents rubbed-off parts from entering the coffee powder and it ensures a constant coarseness setting, guaranteeing the best coffee taste during the whole lifetime of the coffee machine. In addition, ceramics do not corrode and are therefore food safe.


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