The CIM process guarantees a maximum tolerance of +/- 0.5% of the nominal size


Ceramics have high thermal and electric insulation ability

Thermal expansion

In comparison to other materials, ceramics have low thermal expansion


High-precision ceramic components with defined geometries

Exceptional accuracy

The optical lens carrier is the main component of a laser distance measuring device. The ceramic element combines electrical insulation, mechanical strength and thermal stability, so it is not affected by any external influences. In this way, a measurement accuracy of ± 1 mm can be achieved at a distance of 250 meters.

Perfect match

The more complex the part, the more important the perfect interaction of all components. CERIX combines material expertise with injection molding competence, thus achieving high-precision structures aligned with your requirements.

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In Comparison

Advanced technical ceramics - to ensure the reputation of the "Bosch quality"

Ceramic allows high precision - this property is fundamental in measurement technology. Therefore, it seems suitable to use a ceramic lens carrier for high-end measurement devices. The differences are apparent.


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