Ceramics can be inserted into the human body without provoking any immune reaction

Chemical Resistance

Our products are corrosion-resistant to NaCl solutions, acids, alkalis and blood

Wear Resistance

Ceramics have a high wear resistance and are permanently durable because of their hardness.

Biocompatible & Wear resistant

High-end materials for
high-end technology


Ceramics are biocompatible with living tissue and can therefore be perfectly used as an implant or surgical tool. Moreover they are extremely stable in sterilization processes.

Wear resistance

In addition, the high abrasion resistance prevents foreign particles from entering the body tissue. Even after prolonged use the ceramic part retains its own properties. A lifelong use is possible!

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Have you ever met a "ceramic - allergic"?

An increasing part of the population suffers from allergies to a variety of materials, particularly to metals. With ceramics this problem belongs to the past.


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