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CERIX supports you in all project phases, bringing together the optimum component design, material and technology.


Material Development
Material Selection
Component Design Adjustment - Ceramic Material
Production Technology Selection
Component Design Adjustment - Production Process
Feasibility Studies and Simulation Results


Own Tooling
Preventive Quality Management
Layout and Implementation of Flexible Manufacturing Concepts
Manufacturing Processes Monitoring
Continuous Process Development
Production Scaling (from prototype to large volume)

Post-Processing and Further Development

Quality Assurance
Product Property Check
Product Property Improvement
Further Product Development: Higher Functionalization

Higher Functionalization for Intelligent Ceramic Products

CERIX keeps enhancing Technical Ceramics: we work on increasing the functionality of our products to render them intelligent. We offer a function-oriented approach to our customers; if you wish a special functionality such as an integrated temperature sensor which can carry out measurements directly at the component, we will supply you with the desired solution and come up with a smart ceramic product. It is often possible to combine various components to create a multi-functional product.

Our Research and Development

Bosch Central Research Network

Worldwide, 1,800 highly specialized associates work for Bosch to search for technological breakthroughs, collaborating in an international research network with more than 700 research institutions, universities and other partners. In Germany, we have a research campus at the Renningen plant with 1,400 employees and 400 laboratories. CERIX takes advantage of the wide technological and industry-specific expertise of Bosch in research for enhancing the Technical Ceramics.

Focus on Further Technical Ceramic Enhancements

Material scientists in a special research department for Technical Ceramics are continually working on new product development of ceramic and composite materials, where they advance techniques for manufacturing high-precision ceramic components, as well as process techniques that ensure consistently high quality. In our field of research dedicated to intelligent coatings, we further develop the functionality of ceramics, creating smart products.


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