Hard, precise, ecological

CERIX Ceramic Technologie Eigenschaften

The CIM process guarantees a maximum tolerance of +/- 0.5% of the nominal size

Chemical Resistance

Our products are corrosion resistant to NaCl solutions, acids, alkalis and alcohol

Wear Resistance

Ceramics have a high wear resistance and are permanently durable because of its hardness

CERIX Ceramic Material


The right mix
for each application

The CIM technology mainly depends on the mixture. For special applications, a customized recipe emphasises particular properties of the material. The ceramic material is produced from the finest, high-purity powders and binder systems that are sintered in a high temperature furance to form a finished component then.

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Process Chain

From the first idea to series production

We accompany you along the entire process chain. From your initial idea to series production and we advise you along the way.



We accompany you from product development through simulations or prototypes and advise you about the feasibility of complex products.


Tool Engineering

Our tools are manufactured by our internally tooling which enables us to ensure the highest quality and precision.


CIM Process

The CIM process allows series production of complex components in large quantities.


Product Finishing

Finishing processes such as grinding or coating for high-end surfaces are possible. We therefore cooperate with competent suppliers.

3D Printing

Highly Complex Ceramic Components
by using the 3D printing process

The 3D printing process enables us to produce geometrically complex components. Prototypes or individual pieces can be manufactured cost-efficiently and they have the same properties as a CIM component.

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