High-precision ceramic components
realized by the injection molding process

Exceptional accuracy

Complex component geometries can be realized economically by injection molding. Though, the precision of the final product is not only determined by this process step. Starting with the right choice of material and the precise shaping by the appropriate tool technology to highly advanced thermal processes high expertise along the entire process chain is necessary.

Competent partner

You will get all these skills from a single source with us. This makes us a reliable partner for the realization of your high-tech ceramic products.


Harder than metal - up to
the smallest tips

Robust tips

Technical ceramic is harder than metal and nearly as hard as a diamond. An example from the consumer technology is an injector for capsule coffee machines. The special cone tips pierce the multilayer film of the capsules with high precision and maximum hygiene. In this way the coffee powder can develop its aroma in the water optimally. The use of advanced ceramics ensures lasting sharpness of the tips to handle the high strain in daily work.

Alumina - versatile, durable and competitive

Bosch alumina is used in many applications. Hardly any other ceramic material combines broad applicability with a competitive price. Alumina gives the injector particularly good abrasion resistance. Other positive characteristics are high rigidity, chemical resistance and temperature stability.

Chemical Resistance

Corrosion resistance combined with high complexity

Highest tightness

Ceramic sealing discs are a functional part of a valve control unit. One main characteristic is the enormous resistance to hot water, acids or other corrosive liquids.

Alumina - maximum power through purity

Alumina has earned a well-deserved reputation as a multitalented ceramic material. An increase in the degree of purity causes a significant improvement in both corrosion resistance and strength.

Wear Resistance

Hard components don´t
have to be brittle

Indestructible in continuous operation

Modern versions of fully automatic coffee machines are more and more equipped with ceramic grinding discs from Bosch. You can benefit from this competence also for other materials to be ground e.g. spices or nuts.

Functional and economical

In addition to the extreme sharpness, ceramic offers excellent usability in the food industry. Especially with CIM technology, a complex component such as the ceramic grinding disc can be produced economically.


The perfect material for modern medical technology

Preferred solution of medicine

Technical ceramics do not provoke any immune reaction in the human body. In addition, the high abrasion resistance prevents foreign particles from entering the body tissue.

CIM technology for small series

Components for medical technology are often produced in small quantities. Because of the very complex geometry it is still reasonable to use the CIM technology also in small series.


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