Process Chain

From first idea to series production

We accompany you along the entire process chain. From your initial idea to series production and we advise you along the way.



We accompany you from product development through simulations or prototypes and advise you one the feasibility of complex products.


Tool Engineering

Our tools are manufactured by our internal tooling which enables us to ensure the highest quality and precision.


CIM Process

The Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) process allows to produce complex parts in large quantities with highest precision.


Product Finishing

As a Full Service Supplier, hard machining, coating ans assembly is part of our service package. Our quality standards are based on the high standards of the automotive industry.

CIM Process Chain

From the first idea to series production

Ceramic powder and binder

The selection and recipe of the ceramic powder and binder are the basis of a CIM part. We rely on proven and tested materials of our extensive portfolio and develop new materials for specific requirements. Thus we provide your products with unique features.


The feedstock production is a process in which the different raw materials are homogenized. Afterwards it is provided in the form of pellets for further processing.


In the injection molding machine the feedstock is able to flow due to pressure and temperature and is injected into the cavity of the mold. After cooling, the molded part can be removed and fed to further processing. Thus, complex geometries can be produced economically.


In various process steps the binder system is removed from the part in order to obtain a pure ceramic component.


During sintering, the part shrinks due to the exposure to heat. Upon completion of these complex diffusion processes the component receives its final mechanical and geometric properties.

Finished Component

Depending on the requirements further processing can be added.


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